With frequent contacts in 1998 through 2000, the Korean National Committee agreed with the Japanese National Committee upon the periodical forum of historians. From this agreement the Korea-Japan Conference of Historians was to be scheduled every other year on the basis of alternative and mutual sponsorship. The first conference met in Seoul for three days from November 25th to the 27th, 2001 on the subject of 'Trends of Historical Research Since 1945 in Korea and Japan'.

  The second conference occurred in Tokyo on the theme of 'Modernization in History' and for the first time, public talks were given by senior historians from Japan and Korea on 'the Making of a Historian' at the auditorium of the Japan Council of Science. Prof. Dr. KOH Byung-Ik, former President of Seoul National University made a speech of his career as an historian. Prof. Yuzo Itagaki of the University of Tokyo talked about his career as a specialist on the Middle East and personal interest in Korea. Prof. Yoshio Yasumaru of Hitotsubashi University talked about his interest in People's History and Current Japanese Thought  Since World War II.

  The theme of the third conference was 'Nationalism: Past and Present' which was held in Seoul from November 28th to 29th, 2003. On November 27th, a public lecture on the 'Making of a Historian'  was delivered by Prof. LEE Ki-baik, a well-known Korean historian, on "In Seach of Truth in Korean History." Prof. Akira Nakatsuka of Nara Women's University explained his career as a Modern Japanese Historian.

  The fourth conference was held in Tokyo from October 30th to 31st, 2004 on 'New Approaches to Historical Study: the Role of Traditional Knowledge'. On the eve of the conference a public lecture entitled "Towards the History of the Inner Realm' was delivered  by a Korean historian of European intellectual history CHA Ha Soon, Professor Emeritus of Sogang University. Prof. Ryuji Sasaki of Nihon University gave a talk on "Between a Historian and a History Teacher."

 The fifth conference was held in Seoul from October 29th to 30th, 2005 on "Religion and Faith in History". On 29th October, there was a public lecture on the Making of Historians. Prof. LEE Won-soon, emeritus at Seoul National University spoke on "A History Major in the Space of Liberation", and Prof. Masao Nishikawa of Senshu University on "In the Course of Getting Age," explaining how he became interested in the contemporary German history.

 The sixth conference was in charge of  the Japanese Committee of Historical Sciences, and held in Tokyo from October 28th through 29th Sunday on the subject of "What and How can Historians Discuss at Present?" The conference was serious enough to attract the attention of all participants, and heated discussion were followed. A day before the conference, public lectures were held at the auditorium of the Science Council of Japan on 'The Making of Historians."  LEW Young Ick, Chair Professor of Yonsei University spoke on the personal career of being interested in the contemporary history of Korea, and Koichi Kabayama, Professor Emeritus of the University of Tokyo on "Internationalization of Historians,"  explaining the importance of the International Committee of Historical Sciences.





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