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작성일 : 15-01-05 10:42
제22회 국제역사학대회(2015. 8. 23 - 29) 발표자 명단
 글쓴이 : cishkorea
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2015823 29일 중국 샨둥성(山東省) 제남(濟南: Jinan)에서 개최되는 제22회 국재역사학대회에서 세션 책임자, 지정토론자, 논문발표자, 논평자 등으로 확정된 11명의 한국 역사가 및 학자는 다음과 같습니다.


-Major Theme 3 (8/25): Revolutions in World History: Comparisons and Connections

Session 3:Revolutions in Modern East Asia.

Speaker(발표자): PARK Hun(서울대)


-Joint Session 13(8/26): Old Traditions in a Globalizing World: A Multifaceted Challenge for History and History Education

Speakers(발표자): PARK Jie Hyun(서강대), Sun Joo KANG(경인교육대 )


-Joint Session 16: (8/26): Globalizaion, National Patterns of Development and Strategies of Firms (XIXth XXth Century)

Speaker(발표자): HONG Sung Chan(서울대)


-Joint Session 18 (8/26): The Use and Abuse of History

Discussant(지정토론자): Jie-Hyun LIM(한양대)


-Round Table 11(8/26): Crossroadd States: Between East and West

Commentator(토론참가자): Han-Je PARK(서울대)


-Round Table 16(8/26): Western Modern Medicine in East Asia

Commentator(토론참가자): YEO Insuk(연세대)


-International Affiliated Organizations meetings (Conferences and General Assemblies)


Histories of Education in East Asia: Indigenous Developments and Transnational Eng


Session 1 Speakers(발표자): Narae SEO(연세대), Seoncheol OH(서울교육대)

Session 2 Speakers(발표자): KIM Ja-Joong(고려대)


-Evening Session (7-9 PM) (8/28) Ethics and History

Organizer(세션책임자): Jie-Hyun LIM(한양대)

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